Come hungry and thirsty!

With multiple restaurants in the downtown area to choose from, dining options will be plentiful. In addition to the restaurants, several food trucks and adult beverages will be available!

Lots of good eats and treats along with your favorite beverages will be featured at Bike the Bricks!

Our featured concessionaires are:

The Twin Taco - Steak tacos, Chicken tacos, Sloppy tacos, Fried avocado taco, Twin-style fries, Sloppy Jose

Smoken S Barbeque – Pulled pork/Hot Link Sandwiches, Pulled pork/hot link tacos, Nachos with meat, Super Pig Nachos, Super Pig sandwich

Frios Gourmet Pops - Assorted creamy pops and fruity pops

Ronoco - All of your favorite sno-cone flavors








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